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Water Slides

Make them wet for the summer or dry when it’s not so hot; always a great time.

Tiki Plunge Wet or Dry Slide

COMING SOON! **Water fee of $50 when used wet**

$300 View Product

Patriot Water Slide

COMING SOON! $590 water fee included!

$650 View Product


The Slip-n-Dip is an inflatable slip and slide with a kiddy size pool attached to the end of it.  It also includes sprinklers on the top constantly spraying the slide...

$220 View Product

Roaring River Water Slide

The Roaring River water slide is built for the long, hot summer days.  Take a plunge down this steep, thrilling double lane water slide that carries you down stream into...

$450 View Product

Lil’ Kahuna Water Slide

This pint sized water slide is perfect for all of your active 2-8 year olds. Made with safety in mind for little ones. This slide is only 5-6 feet high...

$$150 Water fee included! View Product

Pirate Slide

Hot or cold, by itself, or in combination with the Pirate bounce house and/or obstacle course this is one of our favorites. There’s no shortage of space to run lots of...

$285 View Product

Sea World Slide

We purchased this unit because it is longer than other similar units making it safer and that much more FUN; especially when you add water! Besides all the usual events this...

$285 View Product