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Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy screams FUN! And it’s not just for birthday parties and carnivals. Any organized event such as WEDDINGS, conferences, or other social events are enhanced by the nostalgia of having cotton candy.

Cotton Candy is one of those luxuries you always end up buying at least one bag of at the carnival. Now you don’t have to limit your self to just one cone, or even one flavor for that matter. We stock 8 different flavors. (There are actually 14 available! Who knew, right?)

Bubble Gum
Pink Vanilla

You’re probably dying to know the other flavors. Alright; we can get these other flavors with advanced notice. Banana, Lemon-Sour, Lime, Orange, Piña-Colada, and Raspberry-Sour.

Never made cotton candy before? Don’t worry. It’s like falling off a log. Yep, it’s that easy. It is quick and easy to do. In no time you’ll look like a pro and be wowing guests with your skillful production of culinary candy bliss.

Rental includes 1 carton of sugar floss & 75 cones or bags. Additional cartons w/cones are $12.50 each. One carton makes 60-70 cones

Price: $65

Additional Flavors

Get Additional Flavors/Refills. Each carton of flavor comes with 75 cones.

Price: $12.50