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Interactive Rides

Interactive Rides and amazing things that rock your world!

Dunk Tank

Splash!  Have some fun in the sun with our dunk tank today.  It is the perfect carnival item with a 4' deep tank and a target triggered to soak the...

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Bungee Jump

Defy gravity with our Bungee Jump!  This trampoline bungee jump trampoline is a hit with kids and adults alike.  It can take 4 jumpers at a time and the weight...

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Galaxy Mechanical Bull

This is the most premium bull you can ride. The rental is for a 3 hour event which is all the bull most people can handle. Create your own "bull"...

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Corn Hole

Yard games like Corn Hole have become popular past times where you test your aim and judge of distance by trying to get your bean bags through the hole.  Much...

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Cannonball Airblaster

Constant airflow creates a rapid-fire action shooting game using golf ball size foam balls. This is an action game for both adults and children and will create long lines of...

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Beat the Bucket

Check out the video on our Videos page.

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Pie In The Face

Russian pie-in-the-face Roulette? This hilarious contraption is perfect for group and corporate events. Now who wouldn't want to see their boss/spouse take one in the face. Create your own game...

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