teenagers-birthdaysDance party! Teens love dance parties! And bubbles add perfectly to the colored lights and high energy music! Hire a DJ or play your Ipod, dim the lights and you’re ready to go!Food is SO important to teenagers. And what’s the best kid of food? Sugar!! Ice creamSnow Cones, and cotton candy. It’s all great!Movie night, whether it’s a chick-flick, comedy or scary movie every movie party needs popcorn! And how much cooler is it to have a popcorn machine!!! You could play movie trivia games have the kids dress up like they’re at the academy awards, and roll out a red carpet!

A game night requires chairs and tables! Set up tables with games on each and have the kids rotate around and play all the games. It could be a way for your child’s friends to get to know each other and have some FUN all at the same time. Then, of course, add some kind of concessions to make the party better!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Teens LOVE ice cream! Especially if there’s lots of chocolate or syrups to add to it! Have an ice cream bar and serve your child’s favorite toppings!

So your teen is getting too old for some things; my little pony, ninja turtle, etc. But teens are never too old for a bouncy slide! It even has the option of wet or dry, so why not? Have a FUN in the sun party and let the kids show off their new summer bathing suits while getting a tan and having some FUN! You could even serve snow cones!

Bounce Houses. Because teens can get a bit crazy sometimes. Let them get crazy and bounce around the house to their hearts content!


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