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Theater Style Popcorn Machine

Theater Style Popcorn Machine

Everyone loves movie theater popcorn! Our machine is just a smaller version of what you would get at the movies. Add the taste and smell of real theater popcorn to your event and turn it into something people will remember.

As you can see this is a stylish popcorn machine on an easy to move cart. Between the aroma and a great looking machine your party or event will be so much better with this featured item.

Great for use at conferences too! (It helps to keep the attendees awake.)

We include 5 popcorn kits which are pre-measured and easy to use in the rental. That’s about 40 1oz. servings. Oh, and we’ll give you the bags too. Additional kits are available for $3 each.

Price: $75

Extra Popcorn

Extra popcorn kits. Each kit makes about eight (8) 1oz. servings.

Price: $3.00